Getting Started


We would like to introduce ourselves as the faces and founders of the company Clocked-Out Candles. My name is Cory James and my partner through everything is Brandi (or B). Our journey together has been non-stop excitement from the day we met working in the kitchen. Anywhere we traveled we worked together and that has not changed since we started our small family business. I (Cory) was a fine dining Executive Chef working for large name companies, climbing atop corporate ladders and one day I sparked the realization within myself that I truly needed passion and creativity to fuel my career more than anything else - hence why Clocked-Out Candles now exists.

We started crafting candles a few years ago and found passion in mixing fragrances, curing products, tempering organic waxes, and fulfilling exact measurements - this is a lot like cooking - in fact, it is cooking with just as much precision and science included as in culinary. After trying every kind of wax, failing many times, testing and experimenting with oils and dyes, we finally found our product.

Many of the candles have a "culinary" mindset attached. If a person is dedicated to pay a large sum for a delicious meal they will eat in one sitting than surely that experience can be crafted again for the scent purpose anytime someone wants to light a candle. Some candles will look like desserts, some will look like an amuse bouche or a well crafted cocktail and that is what we want - we add our own flare to our products to truly deliver a one of a kind candle experience. We will be constantly crafting new and seasonal pieces and we will continue to grow and expand in the future. Please feel free to reach out and ask any questions! We respond to everyone. We are so excited to get started and we can not wait for feedback.


Clock in? Pffffffff... Clocked Out!